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About Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial institutions based in the United State that supports customers and companies of every size from individuals, small and middle-market businesses, large corporations, and government agencies. The company focuses on banking, investment management as well as financial and risk management products and services. With a mission to maintain and take responsibility for the investment of customers, Bank of America has offered a wide selection of services that is appropriate for each purpose. Working with Bank of America today and let the company take care of your financial health.

About Bank of America Discounts for Employees

In order to achieve success like today - one of the leading financial institutions in the US, it can’t be denied that dedicated employees contribute significantly to the work. So to reward those dedications, the company has delivered a wide selection of offers and discounts that can benefit each individual in the company. Rebates from Bank of America support its employees’ well-being in various areas, especially in finance. Visit FindCouponHere and understand active employee and retiree offers.

Eligibility of Bank of America Employee Discounts

Working at Bank of America, you will be automatically enrolled in the special discount program after one day of work. These valid offers are provided to those who are employed actively as full-time or part-time employees by Bank of America Corporation or its subsidiaries. Retirees with at least 10 years of vesting services their age plus years of vesting service equal to at least 60 are qualified for the employee discounts.

Available Offers From Bank Of America To Active Employees

Multiple offers are available for employees who are currently working at the company. The retired staff has fewer discounts but still can benefit them the most. Most of the services from Bank of America are charged at an insider price when an employee registers for the plan. No matter what you expect at Bank of America, the company can meet the demand from you.

For Bank of America Advantage Relationship Banking, on up to four interest checking accounts, the monthly maintenance cost is waived. Active employees at Bank of America have a waive in International Transaction Fee of 3% of the U.S. dollar amount of a Bank of America ATM or Debit card transaction as well as some free services such as Debit card replacement or banking transfer to an account at another bank. In addition to these offers, the special exchange rate is an exclusive perk for employees at Bank of America. Many more deals on the mortgage and from a preferred rewards program is release as well.

Enjoy Exclusive Discounts From Bank Of America For Retired Employees

Those who no longer work in Bank of America still receive benefits from the company as a reward for their dedication. Anyone who is eligible for these deals from Bank of America can receive 2% off the published exchange rate and a waiver of the standard shipping fee when ordering foreign currency via mobile banking app or online banking. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of employee discounts. You deserve to receive back what you used to pay for.

Redeem our Bank of America Employee Discounts

Whether you are an active staff, a retired one, or someone who is interested in working for Bank of America in the future, it is a good idea to check out all of the offers. Normally the company will let you know benefits and perks as a member of Bank of America but some are hidden. Visit and look for the coverage and discounts at FindCouponhere in order to access savings instantly. Click on any deal you think is the best for your current services and continue to receive the incentive by logging into your employee account issued by the company. The additional proof might be asked but won’t take you too long. Take your chance to experience Bank of America services and other exclusive rebates offered.

Bank of America Discounts for Employees: FAQs

Do Bank of America employees get mortgage discounts?

Employee Mortgage Benefit is one of the remarkable offers from Bank of America for employees so that each member who enrolls in the program can have a reduction 2.5% interest rate. This discount might be changed or continue in the future but still work until now. Grab your opportunity to buy a mortgage today!

Does Bank of America provide employee discounts?

Of course, an employee discount program is a noticeable rebate from Bank of America that gains a lot of attention from active employees and retired staff. No matter what position you are in, a senior employee, junior employee, or even family member, Bank of America will ensure the best benefits.