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Special Discounts For Seniors At AAA

Deal - Use by: May 31, 2022
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As a senior citizen, if you are a member of AAA you will get a lot of benefits. It can make your life easier when traveling, getting discounts, and also avoiding accidental coverage. Here you can learn more about AAA discounts for seniors and save more money.

How to get the most out of AAA for seniors?

Those who sign in AAA members have a wide range of benefits. These offers allow them to protect their health, enhance their life quality and prevent the scam from their bank accounts. But not every people has essential knowledge of their advantages and misses out on a lot of AAA senior resources and programs.


The best way to maximize the experience as an AAA member, you should keep track of the appropriate program designed for seniors. On the official website of AAA, there is a list of business members cooperating with AAA which will provide discounts and promotions. Some of the released discounts are so beneficial for people of a certain age. You can also earn and redeem points through AAA WOWPoints. At some online stores, these Wowpoints can be used like cash.

Besides these coupons, you can take advantage of the programs featured for seniors such as National Senior Driving Resources, Defensive Driving Courses, and Prescription Savings. You can earn an additional reduction depending on your state while accessing various driving classes. Once you are a master of searching information about AAA promotions, you will realize that AAA has endless deals for seniors.

Defensive Driving Course for Senior

Which discounts for seniors do I qualify for as an AAA member?

Thousands of discount codes, promotions, and coupons are arranged by AAA. When you register for an AAA membership, this will unblock your ability in both entertainment and work life through its several different auto clubs located all over the US and Canada. There is no limit in the budget in travel, financial services, and more within discounts for seniors. Here is a shortlist of areas that you can get a deal with as a senior.

Auto insurance discounts for seniors.

The best advantage when passing the conditions of senior discounts is auto insurance. According to the statistic, the number of accidents happens to seniors is higher than other groups. This is a reason why seniors pay more for insurances than people who are young age or middle-aged. The ultimate solution at this time is an offer from AAA for senior members.

There are a lot of retailers supporting an old person through their exclusive offers. You can refer to these stores whether you can access a discount for AAA members: Hertz, Carfax, Napa, and more.

Rental car discounts for seniors.

Be more independent with AAA discounts. There is no need for you to wait a month for a repair anymore with a discount from AAA. As a member of AAA, especially a senior, you are qualified for discounts for almost all rental car companies nationally. In this way, you can save up to 20% on your total bill and even get more free service from the retailers. Some of the popular rental car companies are recommended by major customers are Enterprise, Dollar Car Rental, Thrifty, and Hertz.

Hert senior discount for AAA member

Travel discounts for seniors.

Along with several discounts for roadside assistance, you are also eligible for senior discounts in a diverse service for travel including restaurants, flights, hotels, cruises, travel insurance, and another service for exploring culture and entertainment.

AAA membership is an effective way to unlock deals and rewards on daily expenses. The company works with many companies in every state of the US which help customers purchase products/services for less. Whether you book your accommodation at luxury hotels like Marriott, Hampton, or at low to mid-price hotels like Mirage, Le Meridien, and La Quinta, there will be a special discount for an AAA senior member.

Other services like airplanes or restaurants are on the list of AAA discounts. Because of the large number of promotions for seniors who have AAA membership, we can not show fully. You can browse our website instead for an active following.

AAA Discounts for Seniors: FAQs

Are you qualified for AAA senior discounts?

It can’t be denied that when getting older, a lot of discounts for seniors can cover the expenditure for both single and family. Based on the current location, some of the conditions for senior discounts will be different even though you are a member of AAA. In general, the senior discount released by AAA is valid when the applicator is between 55-65 years old.

Does AAA offer senior discounts on membership?

Unfortunately, AAA currently doesn’t provide any official discount for seniors when enrolling in AAA membership. But you can access Findcouponhere to track the available discount which can deduct a certain amount to your annual membership plan.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the AAA discounts for seniors. While there are many discounts available for seniors, one of the most popular is AAA. The AAA has been around for over a century and has a very strong reputation due to its huge members. Saving money is something that we are all looking to do, and AAA helps you do that in a very big way. Visit the Findcouponhere website anytime to learn more about AAA discounts and programs.