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Do you know that when you are at age 55 or older, you can access a lot of benefits not only through senior discounts but also exclusive offers from AARP? With an aim to enrich your independent life when you get old, a wide range of deals are released by AARP. Let explore with us the great resources of AARP and its advantage for seniors.

Why AARP has Discounts for Seniors?

In the first days of AARP, the organization just targeted people who are retirees especially retired teachers. Their service is only designed for insurance and all of the retired problems. Over 10 years, with a strong effort of founders, AARP is witnessed an extend in business that is more public and no longer only for American retirees. They cooperated with a lot of businesses in travel, finance service, and insurance creating an environment that can let everyone join the group achieves the highest saving.

That is the reason why the number of people enrolling in the group increases incredibly resulting in the sharp development of AARP. Currently, the organization has over 38 million members according to the statistic of 2018 mainly focusing on a potential group of the age of fifty. Those who are members of AARP will be navigated ageless realities including financial issues, health, and how to have a happy life through senior programs.

Member benefits AARP seniors

During its growth, AARP is succeeded in promoting a better life for today's 50-plus population with a diversity of programs, discounts, and promotions. Whether you want to equip your house with modern facilities or find a travel plan, AARP is always by your side.

AARP Advantage Program and Discounts for Seniors.

AARP is a famous organization that enables its members to access as many good deals as possible and build a community to share helpful knowledge and help each other. There is a diversity of programs arranged by AARP which are opened for seniors in the US and also with other generations in the group. Let take a look at the areas that you can take advantage of its benefits.

AARP Health Care Service for Seniors

We can’t avoid the aging process but the way we approach it helps us enjoy our life. Regardless of age, health is always a matter which will define the quality of our life. Recognize the essential needs of seniors, AARP has carried out several health programs. One of these is OptumRx which will let you save on all FDA-approved medications. You will be given AARP® Prescription Discounts which can be used at over 66,000-plus participating retail pharmacies such as Walgreens Pharmacy and Walmart Pharmacy.

AARP health service for seniors

Other programs designed for people over 50 are AARP® Dental Insurance Plan, AARP® Health Savings Account, AARP® Hearing Care Program, AARP® MyVision Care, The National Hearing Test, and more. These programs will let you purchase their products/services at a discounted rate which can reach up to 35%.

AARP Financial Products and Services for Seniors

As an AARP member, you can also join a lot of services to manage your money and bank account. Some typical services in AARP you can refer are banking, investments, financial planning, fraud prevention, and retirement.

AARP financial service for seniors

AARP Insurance products for Seniors

Insurance is one of the main products along with the development of AARP. You will be impressed by a large number of discounts on insurance products. With a membership card, it's easy to acquire insurance coverage and exclusive perks. You can take part in the AARP® Auto & Home Insurance Program from Hartford to get a big discount for your vehicles and house.

There are simple ways to keep safe on the road and to save money, which AARP offers as part of its road safety program. With the AARP Auto Buying Program, you can find a car with the newest safety features and save money from the comfort of your own home.

AARP Insurance program for seniors

The AARP Smart DriverTM course is also a good option for people who are looking for car insurance. Once you complete the course, you are eligible for a discount on your car insurance.

AARP Travel & Leisure for Seniors

Unlock your discounts and rewards with AARP to travel and have a pretty holiday for less. Many partners of AARP from car rentals, cruises, flights, vacation packages, hotels, and resorts releasing diverse discounts, promotions, and coupons for seniors. These discounts facilitate your traveling with a big saving out of your expectation.

For car rentals, get your discount at Avis, Budget Truck, Payless Car Rentals. For airline service, enjoy your discount at British Airways, Explorations by Collette, Grand European Travel.

Over 20 brands working with AARP offer a discount of 10% to 30% to members. Some of the hotels you can apply the coupon codes are Motel 6, Hilton, Comfort Inn By Choice Hotels, Best Western, and more. Read a full list on 

AARP Entertainment, Shopping and Dining Discounts for Seniors

Restaurant, retail, and technology discounts are given to senior members at over 30 different participating retailers. You can take advantage of a coupon of 10% OFF for dining out or takeout at Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Joe’s Crab Shack, and Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and 15% OFF at Denny’s. A list of restaurants is shown on AARP’s official website. You can take a look at it.

On top of the benefits, AARP members receive savings on AT&T's eligible cellphone plans as well as food delivery services and many more such as clothing and accessories, groceries. Choose the way you live with AARP today and save in the process!

How to get a senior discount from AARP

You might be attracted by the extensive deals from AARP and want to get these, right? The most simple way to connect with AARP is by being a member of the organization. You are required to sign up for AARP membership to receive any deals offered.

AARP Membership Fee

As a member of AARP, you will be charged the maintaining fee which costs $12 per year. Based on your current financial situation, you can opt for a plan of one to five years. When you complete your membership at AARP, you are allowed to use any discounts provided for AARP members.

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We hope you enjoyed this article about the discounts for seniors from AARP which is a great way to have a big save for your daily purchase. If you are interested in these discounts, you should consider taking part in the AARP and getting more involved in the organization. Check out the AARP and learn more discounts at FindCouponHere. Thanks for your reading!