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From the starting day in the 1960s, Fair Isaac revolutionized the financial service by pioneering credit risk assessment. Now, the FICO score of Fair Isaac is well-known as the industry benchmark for lenders. The company offers a consumer-oriented tool named myFICO to make lending practices more transparent. Customers who use myFICO can follow their score, credit report which allows you to understand your financial actions and find the way to achieve and maintain your financial health. Fair Isaac also offers some myFICO plans for monitoring and mortgage, insurance, credit.

Due to its convenience and effectiveness, FICO® Scores gradually extends its position in the financial market and plays an important role as a credit risk evaluation tool in the bank, mortgage, credit card, auto, and retail industries over 25 years. In the top largest US financial institution, 90% of the top 100 lenders make customer credit decisions through FICO scores.

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About myFICO Coupons

Improving your financial health through the service of myFICO is the fastest way which can save your time through expert suggestion. To help customers experience the financial services from the company better, myFICO offers a wide range of discounts, coupons, and promotions that can save you up to 70% once in a while. The discounts and coupons from myFICO are checked carefully to avoid invalid errors. Check out and let your financial tracking more enjoyable!

What Does myFICO Offer?

Whether you want to build up your skill in credit cards or aim for a certain point for your credit goal, myFICO can bring the perfect service to you. myFICO provides a FICO score tool for you to follow up on your score process, update all changes of your credits and report the financial situation. You can also take more advantage of myFICO service through its identification feature which will alert you whenever any potential threats happen and recover your stolen account and fraud.

Subscription Plans

Basic Plan ($19.95/ month): FICO Scores, Scores for mortgages, auto loans & more, Score and credit monitoringFootnote 22, $1 million identity theft insuranceFootnote 33,24x7 identity restoration, 1-bureau (Experian) coverage

Advance Plan ($29.95/ month): FICO Scores, Scores for mortgages, auto loans & more, Credit reports, Score and credit monitoringFootnote 22, $1 million identity theft insuranceFootnote 33, 24x7 identity restoration, Identity monitoring., Complete 3-bureau coverage.

Premier Plan ($39.95/ month): FICO Scores, Scores for mortgages, auto loans & more, Credit reports, Score and credit monitoringFootnote 22, $1 million identity theft insuranceFootnote 33, 24x7 identity restoration, Identity monitoring., Complete 3-bureau coverage, every month Update

One-time Reports

If you need a financial report before meeting the lenders, the One-time Reports service will save your time with necessary information including Scores for Mortgages, Auto Loans and Credit Cards, Interest Rates, and Score Analysis.

1- Bureau Credit Report: This option will offer you one of three bureaus for your credit report including Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. The cost of this one-time Report is $19.95

3- Bureau Credit Report: A perfect selection for your financial preparation with a report from all 3 bureaus-Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. This option will cost you $59.85.

myFICO Special Coupons

3-Bureau Monitoring Plus Quarterly Credit Reports For $29.95/month

Experience the most convenient service from myFICO at a reasonable price starting from $29.95 today and get a full report every month to obtain your credit goal with 3-Bureau Monitoring. Don’t miss out on this best deal from myFICO.

Special Offers With Email Sign Up

Simply sign up for your email with myFICO to receive a lot of discounts available for you. The discount can value up to 50% which can benefit you the most.

1-Bureau Monitoring Plus Credit Reports For $19.95/month

If you are interested in a cheaper financial service from myFICO, 1-Bureau Monitoring + Credit Reports will let you access your FICO scores at $19.95/month.

How To Get myFICO Discount Codes

You are in trouble with the available discount of myFICO? You can’t determine which one is valid which one is not. Don’t worry that much, our guide will help you clear out your problem.

Step 1: Browse the website: and look for myFICO on the searching bar.

Step 2: You will be directed to the myFICO discount page which will show a wide range of valid discounts, coupons, and promotions.

Step 3: Check the condition of the deal and click on the suitable one for your purchase at myFICO.

Step 4: Once you click on the “ Get Deal” button, myFICO official website will appear. The discount code will automatically apply to your chosen plan.

Step 5: Recheck the information and discount whether it is used or not, and check out your cart.

myFICO Coupons: FAQs

How do I cancel my myFICO subscription?

If you currently use service from myFICO on your mobile phone, you can cancel directly on the iOS or Android app. Or you can cancel from the My Subscription page on myFICO official website. In the case that both of these methods can’t help you cancel, contact customer support of myFICO with the number 1-800-319-4433 can let them know your problem. The customer support staff will bring the solution or cancel your subscription as your demand. Bear in mind that if your cancellation is done after the end of the subscription period, your renew subscription still charges you a fee at the current rate.

Can I get my FICO score for free?

Unfortunately, my FICO won’t give you a free score for any reason but you can access free FICO® credit score through other ways such as Discover Credit Scorecard, American Express credit cards, Citibank credit cards, Bank of America, Credit unions, and Ally Bank.