Everything You Need To Know About Staples: Does Staples Canada Offer Price Match?

Everything You Need To Know About Staples: Does Staples Canada Offer Price Match?

Staples has its fame in providing the best price on most of the items available on both physical stores and online websites. The price is even more reasonable through a commitment of Staples with a new price match guarantee. How does it work and what is the advantage of a price match guarantee to consumers? All of these related concerns will be solved in this article.

What Is a Price Match guarantee From Staples?

With the purpose to provide the lowest price to customers coming with Staples and also attract more new visitors who find the best deal on their smartphones, Staples has announced a Price Match guarantee. So that from now on, consumers don’t need to spend a whole day for searching a better deal while you can have the most economic items all in Staples. What does Price Match mean?

In some simple words, Staples Price Match is a program of the company to combat other rivals in the same market. With this program, you are able to receive a difference when you find your purchased product at Staples is more expensive than other retailers. Head to the store or claim on the website within 14 days of the delivery and show your proof. Then the staff here will help you with the rest. That’s an amazing program from Staples, right? If you want to have more details, scroll down and discover more with us.

The Benefits Of Price Match Guarantee From Staples

In the general information mentioned above, you somehow can predict the advantages when this program is released. Price Match Guarantee is designed for maintaining the lowest price among all of the competitors in the market. This also means that all customers going with Staples will be ensured of the best price here. According to the program, within 14 days of your purchase, if you can find any dealer located in Canada offering a cheaper price than Staples, Staples will match it and refund the difference( if you already paid for it).

Even though other retailers offer a bonus gift along with an item that Staples sells, you are guaranteed to have the same benefit through the Price Match program. Staples will supply the same free gift card as possible or other bonuses with the same value. Such a great way to save money without any additional fee provided by Staples.

How Staples Price Match Guarantee Works

Staples Price Match Guarantee is available for all of the identical items. The model number, components, and warranty of the item from a competitor must all be the same. Staples will confirm the price of the Price Match item so the item must be in stock and available at that price from an authorized reseller at the verifying time. 

Only in-store purchases of wireless phones and other devices with a service plan are eligible for price matching. Plan, provider, and other terms must all be identical. Price matching is not valid for products and services purchased online at our mobile phone sales and servicing site.

Will Everything From Staples Be Guaranteed Of Price Match?

Though a Price Match guarantee can maximize the benefits for Staples customers, the company also sets some conditions for eligible items. So that based on the valid policy of the program, the price math is invalid during special events such as door crashers, grand opening, anniversary, clearance, or timed sales. EasyTech services, Staples third-party providers’ products & services are not eligible for the Price Match program as well.

Except for these conditions, Staple Price Match guarantee is also available one per customer per item. If you have already claimed for the price match for any item before, you are not qualified for the program of that item anymore. Staples also doesn’t match gift card discounts from competitors.

Other Important Things Should Be Considered With Staples Price Match Guarantee

During the calculating process, Staple will add all coupons and rebates (including Staples dollars off, gift checks, mail-in rebates, and instant savings) to bring out the net price of the Staple product.

All of the available Staple coupons and rebates (dollars off, instant savings, and mail-in rebates) will be deducted directly from the price of the item to determine a net price. For example, if you purchase an item for $200 and receive a $30 instant discount, the net price is $170. The price match will not be accepted if another company's pricing is $170 or more, as Staples' offer is similar or better. 

Or if you purchase an item for $159 and have a $25 off $100 order coupon plus a $20 coupon for a new member, the net price is $114. So when you find any better deal such as $110, you will receive a refund of $4 when claiming for Price Match Guarantee.

About shipping costs, the price match is entirely dependent on whether or not the competitor's order includes free shipping. If the competitor offers free shipping on that item, the price match will be done without taking shipping costs into account. If the competitor does not provide free shipping, the shipping charges will be added before the price match is calculated.

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That is price matching 101 information we want to introduce to you. Those who are currently working in Canada or live here should check frequently to get the most out of the Price Matching program from Staples. During the research, we have gathered all of the latest news related to this program which might be changed in the near future. If there is any difference, please share with us and we will let others know about that. Follow FindCouponHere for more helpful articles.