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CandyWarehouse is an online candy store that provides a wide selection of candy and amazing customer service. CandyWarehouse was founded in 1998 with anything you need including nostalgic, new, minty, sour, tiny, giant sized, liquid, chunky, lavender, silver, chewy, gummy boogers, and more.

Top Categories at CandyWarehouse

CandyWarehouse provides many kinds of candy such as Bite Size, Bon Bons, Brittle Candy, Bubble Gum, Candy Bars, Candy Buttons, Candy Canes, Candy Coated Popcorn, Candy Corn, Candy Fashion, Candy Favors, Candy Gifts, Candy Melts, Candy Props, Candy Sprinkles & Toppings, Candy Sticks, Candy Straws, Chewy Candy, Chewing Gum…
Let’s take a look at some of the most popular candy at CandyWarehouse.


CandyWarehouse carries a lot of chocolates including Milk Chocolate Gems - Brown: 2LB Bag, Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Pastel Pink: 2LB Bag, Mint Cookies & Cream Malt Balls: 2LB Bag, Milk Chocolate Gems - Black: 2LB Bag, Milk Chocolate Gems - Yellow: 2LB Bag, Sixlets Mini Milk Chocolate Balls - Gold: 2LB Bag, Chocolate Rocks Silver Boulders Candy: LB Bag, Sunbursts Chocolate Sunflower Seeds - Pastel Sparkle Mix: 5LB Bag, Harry Potter Platform 9 3⁄4 Ticket 1.5 Oz. Milk Chocolate With Crisped Rice Candy Bar,
Sunbursts Chocolate Sunflower Seeds - Assorted Colors: 5LB Bag…


Taffy is also one of these best sellers at CandyWarehouse. Some Taffy you may be interested in: White With Pink Swirls Taffy: 3LB Bag, AirHeads Taffy Candy Bars - Orange: 36-Piece Box, Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy Candy: 16-Ounce Box, Top Pop Chewy Taffy Candy Suckers: 48-Piece Box, Assorted Salt Water Taffy Candy: 3LB Bag, AirHeads Taffy Candy Bars - Watermelon: 36-Piece Box, Now And Later Assorted Fruit Chews Candy: 60-Ounce Tub…

Liquor Candy

Liquor Candy is also popular at CandyWarehouse. Top Liquor Candy: Clear Plastic Jumbo Goblet Candy Container, Clear Plastic Jumbo Champagne Glass, Clear Plastic Jumbo Margarita Glass, Giant Gummy Prosecco Wine Bottle: 14.1-Ounce Gift Box, Cedrinca Liquor Hard Candy: 4.4-Ounce Bag, Irish Cream Gummy Bears Candy: 3KG Bag, Prosecco Wine Bottle Lollipop: 3.53-Ounce Gift Pack, Foiled Mini Chocolate Champagne Bottle…

Candy Bars

CandyWarehouse brings many kinds of Candy Bars too, such as Take5 Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box, Slo Poke Caramel Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box, Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars: 36-Piece Box, Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bars: 20-Piece Box, Nutresa Cremino Bicolore Hazelnut Flavored Cocoa Praline Candy Bars: 24-Piece Pack, Kit Kat Candy Bars: 36-Piece Box, Take5 King Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box, PayDay Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box…

Candy On Sale At CandyWarehouse

CandyWarehouse usually offers high-quality, cheap candy for sale from the manufacturers. These candies are not only delicious but also safe to eat with a lot of tasteful flavors. You will normally get deep discounts on Halloween candies, seasonal favorites, sweet and colorful treats for parties and events. The closer they are to the best by date, the more discounts you receive on these candies.
Most discounted candies on CandyWarehouse: Hypno Pops Petite Swirled Lollipops - Assorted: 100-Piece Bag, Starburst Fruit Chews Candy - All Pink: 41-Ounce Bag, Brach's Halloween Candy Corn Treat Packets: 70-Piece Bag, Burton And Burton Halloween Pumpkin Pail, YumJunkie Sassy Spheres Cherry Black Striped Ball Lollipops - Petite: 400-Piece Bag, Gummy Body Parts Candy: 55-Piece Bag…
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How to get discounts from CandyWarehouse

To get the best discounts from CandyWarehouse, you just need to access FindCouponHere then do these following steps:
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Step 2: Type “CandyWarehouse” in the search box, the result will appear very quickly with the number of coupons available below.
Step 3: Click in the CandyWarehouse store on our page and look for the discount code you want.
Step 4: Click on “Get Deal” or “Show Code” and it will automatically open the CandyWarehouse store for you to start shopping.

CandyWarehouse Return Policy

All edible products at CandyWarehouse are non-refundable. You need to request for a return/refund within 10 business days after receiving your order and your request must be authorized by CandyWarehouse customer service in advance.
You can only return non-edible products that are totally new and unused (apparel, accessories…). You will receive a full refund of your products minus shipping fees. You are also in charge of shipping the products back to CandyWarehouse in their original condition at their expense. You also need to pay a 10% restocking fee for non-edible products.
You will be charged a 20% restocking fee and the shipping cost from the warehouse if you provide undeliverable addresses or refuse to take the package after ordering.

CandyWarehouse Coupon FAQs

Can you send me a sample before I decide to buy?

CandyWarehouse cannot open cases, so they cannot send you samples.

How clean is the warehouse?

CandyWarehouse guarantees that their warehouse is clean, tidy, and organized so that they always provide you with the freshest product in perfect condition. Their warehouse is regularly inspected by the Orkin Man for pests or any creatures that may do harm to our candy. Moreover, their warehouse is always at a cool temperature so that their chocolates won’t melt.

Do you have any sugar free candy for diabetics?

Yes, CandyWarehouse has sugar free candy including chocolates, hard candies, gummies and more. You can check out their Sugar Free Candy.