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Strawberry Hill Povitica coupons, promo codes & offers
Expires: 02/29/2024
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Strawberry Hill Povitica company was founded in 1903 by a family in Kansas City from Croatia with the beloved tradition of potivica. Granma Doroty and Grandma Daisy were unwilling to show their secret family recipe but Dorothy’s son persuaded them that they should share this special and delicious tradition to the world.
What makes Strawberry Hill Povitica product unique is the handmade filling - every povi has three times more filling than dough. They roll the dough around the filling by hand then it will be made to the form of their signature “S” shape then baked.

Which products are usually on sale on Strawberry Hill Povitica?

Strawberry Hill Povitica offers many promo codes on their site. Let’s take a look at the most discounted cakes here.

Apple Cranberry Crunch

This Apple Cranberry Crunch is described as the taste of Christmas that you can have whenever you want during the year. It contains the signature flavors of apple, cinnamon and walnut mixed with tart cranberries, wrapped in the sweet, buttery pastry.
You can use the Strawberry Hill Povitica deal to get discounted prices on this Apple Cranberry Crunch. Related products that are also on sale: Apple Cinnamon Povitica, Cranberry Walnut Povitica.

Blueberry Cream Cheese Povitica

The Blueberry Cream Cheese Povitica brings the taste of summer to you with the wild Maine blueberries filling the layers of cream cheese and buttery pastry. You can purchase this cake at lower prices using Strawberry Hill Povitica discounts.
Some related products that you may also be interested in: Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Povitica, Strawberry Cream Cheese Povitica, Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, Cinnamon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake.

English Walnut Povitica

The English Walnut Povitica is made of farm-fresh English walnuts and folded in sweet creamy butter, honey and real sugar. Then it’s rolled by hand in a reasonable amount of pastry dough to keep the filling together.
Related products that are also on sale: Four Povitica Mini Pack, Three Povitica Mini Pack, Raisin Walnut Povitica.

Types of Strawberry Hill Povitica Discounts

Percentage Offer

Strawberry Hill Povitica frequently gives out percentage offers to help customers save money. The more money you spend, the more money you save with these offers.
Example: 20% off sitewide with code at Strawberry Hill Povitica
35% off on certain products at Strawberry Hill Povitica

Free Shipping Deal

Strawberry Hill Povitica also sometimes provides free delivery deals to customers. That means you won’t have to pay for shipping costs.
Example: Free Shipping using code at Strawberry Hill Povitica

Special Offer

At Strawberry Hill Povitica, when you purchase certain packs, you may receive a special offer, which allows you to pay a lower price than usual.
Example: Sixteen Loaf Pack For Only $479.84
Four Loaf Mini Pack For Just $59.96
Three Loaf Pack For Only $89.97

Special Sale Events on Strawberry Hill Povitica

Strawberry Hill Povitica offers many promo codes and deals on certain occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Christmas, ThanksGiving, St.Patrick's Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…
Keep following FindCouponHere to get updated with the latest sale events and save money.

How to get discounts from Strawberry Hill Povitica

To get the best discounts from Strawberry Hill Povitica, you just need to access FindCouponHere then do these following steps:
Step 1: Click in the search box on top of our page.
Step 2: Type “Strawberry Hill Povitica” in the search box, the result will appear very quickly with the number of coupons available below.
Step 3: Click in the Strawberry Hill Povitica store on our page and look for the discount code you want.
Step 4: Click in “Get Deal” or “Show Code” and it will automatically open Strawberry Hill Povitica for you to start shopping.

Strawberry Hill Povitica Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the products you receive from Strawberry Hill Povitica, you will be able to return it with either a suitable replacement or store credit, it’s all up to you. If you are only not satisfied with a part of the product, you will receive a partial refund or replacement.
Even when the item you receive is a gift, you can still ask for a replacement with another item or store credit of the same value.
Orders shipped to wrong addresses are not qualified for reshipment or refunds.
If your package is damaged because of carrier-mishandling which caused damage to the products, you only need to contact the Customer Support team within 14 days of shipping. Remember to provide photos and details about your damaged order.