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AppliancePartsPro was founded in 1999 by Roman Kagan, who had worked as a sales agent in a big wholesale appliance parts company in Southern California. He opened AppliancePartsPro with the purpose of having a company that caters to normal people and gives them useful technical advice with a commitment to amazing customer service.

AppliancePartsPro specializes in providing appliance parts, lawn and garden parts, parts for TVs and electronics. They have helped over 7 million customers save time and money on their repairs since 1999. AppliancePartsPro has achieved more than $35 million in annual sales until now.

Which products are on sale on AppliancePartsPro

AppliancePartsPro supplies you with all the right appliance parts that you need including dishwasher parts, dryer parts, microwave parts, range & oven parts, refrigerator parts, and so much more. Let’s take a look at the most discounted products on AppliancePartsPro.

Kenmore/ Sears Parts

There are often many discounts on Kenmore/ Sears Parts at AppliancesPartsPro for you to buy. Sometimes you may get up to 30% off on certain products such as: Whirlpool Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter, Grease Filter, Dryer Thermal Fuse, Whirlpool Dryer Belt…

Frigidaire Parts

Frigidaire Parts are also normally on sale when you shop at AppliancePartsPro. You can visit AppliancePartsPro to purchase Frigidaire Puresource, Refrigerator Door Shelf, Rear Drum Bearing Kit, Water Valve, Tub Gasket… You will save from $5 to $10 for certain products.

Whirlpool Parts

Whirlpool Parts are also one of the most discounted products on AppliancePartsPro. Come to AppliancePartsPro and you will be able to get Charcoal Filter, Whirlpool Ice 2, Microwave Hood Charcoal Filter, Dryer Cycling Thermostat at a low cost.

Featured Products at AppliancePartsPro

Here are some of the top sellers that you may be interested in at AppliancePartsPro.

Whirlpool Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 3

Refrigerator Filter Parts ranked first in the best sellers of AppliancePartsPro and this Whirlpool Everydrop Refrigerator Water Filter 3 get 5-star reviews from more than 100 verified customers. This is one of the must-have items for your kitchen.

This product will help improve the taste and quality of water for side-by-side refrigerators which are compatible to Filter 3. It allows you to change fast and easy without any special tools. You just need to push until you hear the receiver click into place. This Water Filter 3 is usually on sale too, you can save up to $13 when shopping for this at AppliancePartsPro.

Lower Dishrack Roller and Axle Kit

This Lower Dishrack from AppliancePartsPro includes 8 rollers and 8 axles. It will fit perfectly to your dishwasher without any hassles. They also often provide discounts on this product so you can get it at a cheap price.

Dryer Heating Element Parts

One of the best sellers on AppliancePartsPro is Dryer Heating Element Parts such as Dryer Heating Element, Dryer Heating Element Assembly, Heater, Dryer Heating Element Kit, Heater Assembly. Many customers visit AppliancePartsPro to purchase these parts because they are not only useful but also affordable with many offer codes and deals.

Types of AppliancePartsPro Discount Codes

There are not many kinds of discount codes on AppliancePartsPro but you still can manage to save a huge amount of money here. Take a look at these kinds of coupons below to take full advantage of them.

Dollar Value Offer

This type of discount code will help you reduce a certain amount of money on the discounted products.
For example: $15 off certain products at AppliancePartsPro
                    $30 off Dryer Heating Element Parts at AppliancePartsPro

Percentage Offer

With percentage offers, the amount of money you save depends on how much you spend. The more money you spend, the larger the discount.
For example: 30% off Kenmore Parts at AppliancePartsPro
                    40% off Whirlpool Parts at AppliancePartsPro

Special Sale Events on AppliancePartsPro

AppliancePartsPro does not only offer many deals daily but this store also has many special sale events on certain occasions including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Christmas, ThanksGiving…
On these occasions, AppliancePartsPro will provide you with many attractive promotions, discounts, and deals. Keep following FindCouponHere to get updated whenever AppliancePartsPro has super sale events.

How to Get Discounts from AppliancePartsPro

To get the best discounts from AppliancePartsPro, you just need to access FindCouponHere then do these following steps:
Step 1: Click in the search box on top of our page.
Step 2: Type “AppliancePartsPro” in the search box, the result will appear very quickly with the number of coupons available below.
Step 3: Click in the AppliancePartsPro store on our page and look for the discount code you want.
Step 4: Click in “Get Deal” and it will automatically open AppliancePartsPro for you to start shopping.

AppliancePartsPro Return Policy

AppliancePartsPro offers 365 days (from purchase date) to return a part and they make the process very easy and truly hassle free!

You will receive a full refund except for shipping costs on products that are new and have not been installed or have signs of installation like scuff marks. This includes electrical parts, as long as they have not been installed or showing signs of installation or scuff marks. When you return an item, it must be packaged as original with retail boxes, packaging, and all accessories.

AppliancePartsPro Coupon FAQs

Can I get bulk pricing at

If you buy in bulk at, you should check out high-volume discounts. gives out discounts on large orders over a certain number of items, which may be different based on the individual parts and the reasons you purchase them. If you think you are qualified for this huge discount, you can contact AppliancePartsPro customer service.

Does price match?

AppliancePartsPro commits to giving you the lowest price possible, including additional fees and shipping costs. Thus, AppliancePartsPro prices match products from other verified retailers. Because AppliancePartsPro lowers the cost on every other part of the process too, you can only require a price match on 100% identical parts. The price contains delivery and handling fees from the other retailer. You can request a price match from AppliancePartsPro if you find a lower price.

Can Outdoor Power Equipment Parts be returned within 365 days?

You cannot return Outdoor Power Equipment within 365 days because this product has a 30-day warranty and you can only return within 30 days from the day you purchase. Return parts should not be installed or have signs of installing such as scuff marks. The product returned needs to come in original packaging too, which includes retail boxes, packaging and all accessories originally included with the shipment.

I received a damaged part, is this a return?

You don’t need to return a part received damaged due to delivery. You just need to send [email protected] an email with model, serial number and include a photo of the box, damaged part and shipping invoice. AppliancePartsPro will deliver a new part after they receive your information.