Rainbow Mealworms Coupon Codes, Promo Codes & Deals 2024

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Rainbow Mealworms is an online retailer with the main products focused on reptiles and amphibians care. Established in 1950 by Fred Rhyme, he has shown up his passion in fish and mealworm and put a lot of effort in his business which resulted in the development of Rainbow Mealworms. Starting from the local bait store selling on the trunk, Rainbow Mealworms today has largely scaled their farm and added other critters such as crickets and waxworms which makes the signature of the city where it is located. The store now is managed by his step-daughter Gillian Spence who is a professional biologist. Thanks to the help of Gillian, new feeders were available on the store like Dubia, silkworms and hornworms. You can find quality products with various species.

What does Rainbow Mealworms provide?

There are a lot of products sold on Rainbow Mealworms that are for your pet. You can check their website to have more information. Most of the products will be categorized into 2 kinds: accessories and food of reptiles and amphibians.


You can get any needed items while pedding at Rainbow Mealworm. They provide a wide range of items such as 4" Mealworm Sifter, 6" Cricket Basket, Cricket and Roach Water Crystals, Rep-Cal Cricket Shaker and Fecal Parasite Test for Reptiles. If you are a real feeder, you might be interested in these products on the online store. Besides, they offer a better deal with a combo which you can save more.

Reptiles and amphibians care.

Mealworms have been the main product of the store since the first day. You can easily buy quality mealworms with a reasonable price here. The maximum amount you can purchase is 40,000 for $144. Besides, with a large scale, they also sell other critters such as Mantis, Hornworms, Silkworm, Phoenix worms, Roaches, Waxworms, Support worms, Red Earthworms and Red giant mealworms. You can pick the rich nutrition food for your pet at Rainbow Mealworms. If there is no item you want to buy, you can take a look at popular brands which are available on their website: Repashy and Zoo med.

These are two main products of Rainbow Mealworms that you can consider to have one for your pet. Sometimes, they will offer a discount for a special item and a coupon, you can look for these codes on our page.

Type of codes at Rainbow Mealworms

Discount codes

Rainbow Mealworms offers a discount from $0.25 to $15 OFF for some special items. The more you buy the more you save. For example, you can get a $12.99 OFF Combo Pack by using this code.


Rainbow Mealworms use REDEEM POINTS FOR REWARDS. For each order, you will receive the point based on your total bill. When you collect enough points, you can redeem them for a discount.
Here is the redeem points system of Rainbow Mealworms:
163 points = $5.00 off
285 points = $10.00 off
410 points = $20.00 off
819 points = $40.00 off
You can easily earn points through inviting friends. Here is the code to receive 50 points when you invite your friend.

How do you use your promo code for Rainbow Mealworms?

Before using promo code, you firstly need to get a discount from Rainbow Mealworms.
Step 1: Search the code from FindCouponHere in the search box on the top of our page. There are some latest coupons you can apply for your order, you need to check the qualified code.
Step 2: You can directly click on the “get deal” button and it automatically opens the Rainbow Mealworms store for you.
Step 3: Add your wanted item to your cart and then purchase. The discount code will be immediately applied to your cart and reduce the amount of spending accordingly.

Why isn’t Rainbow Mealworms promo code working?

If you can not apply promo code for your order, it might come from these reason:
The code was used before. The code is time limitation which means you can only use it once, so if the code was applied for your previous order, it will not work for your next order with Rainbow Mealworms.
The item is not for sale. Make sure that you carefully check the terms and conditions of the available code. For each code, there will be a limitation that you need to read before applying.
The code is incorrect. This is a common mistake that customers usually meet. Therefore, be sure that you enter the code exactly.
You checked out with an expired code. For each code, there will be a due date at the beginning of the notification.

How to fix the error when applying discount code on Rainbow Mealworms store?

To solve this problem, you need to check these following factors:
Double check your code. Sometimes, the problem comes from the error typing, be sure that you enter the correct code to your order.
Check your picked items. Some discounts can be only applied for special items, so your ordered item should be in the discount list.
Revisit next time and wait for the next event. Almost all discount codes limit time using so if they expire, you can not apply anymore. You can follow Rainbow Mealworms on our page to update new codes.

Rainbow Mealworms Return & Refund Policies

Purchased items cannot be shipped back to Rainbow Mealworms because of the special reason. If the received items were damaged or defective, you need to contact them within 24 hours since the delivered day. All claims after 24 hours will be rejected. Besides, they will offer a replacement if the temperature on the delivery day is from 55° to 85° and you prepared a package held for pickup.
You need to provide a photo of the received items within 24 hours of delivery and send it to (480) 409-2347. You can also ask for support from [email protected], and let them know the order number, date of arrival, status of the item at time of arrival, your problem and request. They will help you solve your issue.


Does Rainbow Mealworms have free shipping?

Rainbow Mealworms currently does not offer free shipping for all of the orders because of the low price strategy. They want to offer a lowest price for their quality items so instead of providing free shipping, they will sell the item at the low price. In this way, you can buy multiple items rather than add a large amount of one item to meet the standard of free shipping code.

Why doesn't Rainbow Mealworms include a packing slip?

The main reason for this lack of packing slip is from environmental concerns. They receive over 3000 orders each week which will waste a huge amount of paper. Therefore, they decided to send electronic confirmation instead. If you want to have a slip, you can directly ask for one and they will send the slip with your package for you.

Why won't your credit card process at Rainbow Mealworms ?

If there is an error during the purchasing process, please check your card number. When the card number is incorrect, the payment will not be processed. In the case that your personal information is correct, it might come from the billing zip code. If the Zip-code doesn’t match the address from the bank, your payment will show an error. Please feel free to call or email support of Rainbow Mealworms to ask for help: [email protected].