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Common Types Of Roto Rooter Coupon Codes & Discounts

  • Roto Rooter Percentage-based discounts: These offers reduce the total cost of your service by a certain percentage, such as 10% or 15% off.
  • Roto Rooter Fixed-amount discounts: These coupons offer a specific dollar amount off your service, such as $50 or $100 off.
  • Roto Rooter Service-specific discounts: These promotions apply to specific services offered by Roto Rooter, such as drain cleaning, sewer line repair, or water heater installation.
  • Roto Rooter New customer discounts: These coupons are available to customers who are using Roto Rooter for the first time.
  • Seasonal Roto Rooter discounts: Roto Rooter may offer special discounts during certain times of the year, such as holidays or during slow seasons.
  • Roto Rooter referral discounts: Get a discount on your service when you refer a friend or family member to Roto Rooter.
  • Roto Rooter military and senior discounts: Roto Rooter may offer special discounts to military personnel and senior citizens.

General Roto Rooter Coupon Code & Discount Terms & Conditions

While specific terms and conditions may vary depending on the individual coupon or promotion, here's a general overview of what you can expect:


  • New vs. Existing Customers: Some Roto Rooter coupons might be exclusive to new customers, while others are valid for all.
  • Service restrictions: Coupons might only apply to specific services offered by Roto Rooter, not all.
  • Minimum service amount: Certain discounts might require a minimum service fee to be eligible.


  • Expiration dates: Most Roto Rooter coupons and promotions have expiration dates, so check the validity period before use.
  • One-time use: Most coupons are for single use only.
  • Stacking restrictions: Combining multiple coupons on the same service might not be allowed.
  • Exclusions: Some Roto Rooter coupons might exclude specific service charges like parts, labor, or emergency service fees.

Additional points:

  • Taxes and fees: Roto Rooter coupons typically apply to the service cost before taxes and additional fees.
  • Geographical limitations: Certain offers may be restricted to specific locations or regions.
  • Verification: Roto Rooter might require verification of eligibility (e.g., military status for veteran discounts) before applying the discount.

Roto Rooter Coupon Code & Discount Tips

Here are some tips to help you save money on Roto Rooter's plumbing and drain services:

1. Use Roto Rooter Promo Codes and Coupons

  • Check for Roto Rooter Promo Codes: Regularly search for Roto Rooter promo codes and coupons online, such as a $100 coupon on certain services. Websites like Couponbox and the official Roto Rooter site often list current offers​​.
  • Service Specific Roto Rooter Discounts: Look for discounts specific to the service you need, whether it's drain cleaning, sewer line replacement, or water heater repair​​.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular maintenance can prevent major plumbing issues that end up costing more. Roto Rooter sometimes offers discounts on routine services.
  • Seasonal Checks: Take advantage of seasonal offers for inspections and maintenance to avoid emergency calls during peak times.

3. Sign Up for Roto Rooter Newsletters

  • Stay Informed: Roto Rooter’s newsletter may include exclusive offers, coupons, and tips for reducing plumbing-related expenses. Signing up can keep you informed about the latest deals​​.

4. Compare Quotes

  • Multiple Services: If you need several services, ask for a combined quote which might offer savings over individual service calls.
  • Ask for Discounts: Don't hesitate to ask if there are any discounts available that can be applied to your service.

5. DIY Minor Repairs

  • Use Roto Rooter Products: For minor clogs and maintenance, consider using Roto Rooter products to manage the issue yourself without calling for service​​.
  • Educational Resources: Utilize Roto Rooter’s blog and tutorials for advice on simple plumbing fixes to save on minor repair costs​​.

6. Utilize Free Inspections or Estimates

  • Free Services: Take advantage of free inspections or estimates that Roto Rooter may offer. This can help you understand the problem without committing to a paid service immediately.

7. Emergency Services Consideration

  • 24/7 Services: While emergency services are typically more expensive, knowing when to call for an emergency repair versus when a problem can wait for normal business hours can save money.

8. Ask About Warranty and Guarantees

  • Service Guarantee: Understanding the warranty and guarantees on work performed can save money in the long run if follow-up work is needed.

Roto Rooter Coupon Code FAQs

Does Roto Rooter offer a $100 coupon?

While there isn't a guarantee of a specific $100 coupon being available at all times, Roto Rooter frequently offers various promotions, including discounts up to $100 on specific services like sewer or water line replacements. You can check their website or social media pages for current offers.

Does Roto Rooter offer a specific $75 coupon?

Roto Rooter may sometimes include discounts of $75 on specific services. It's recommended to check their website or social media pages for current offers.

Is there a $60 coupon available from Roto Rooter?

Similar to the $75 coupon, Roto Rooter doesn't offer a fixed $60 coupon. However, they do provide various discounts throughout the year, and some may reach $60 off. It's best to check their website or contact your local Roto Rooter for current promotions.

Can I find a $99 special coupon for Roto Rooter services?

Roto Rooter occasionally offers special promotions like a "$99 special coupon." These might be limited-time offers or apply to specific services. The best way to find out about such offers is to check their website, social media pages, or contact your local Roto Rooter franchise.

Is there a $40 coupon available for Roto-Rooter services?

Roto Rooter sometimes offers $40 discounts, particularly for drain cleaning services. These might be advertised on their website, through email marketing, or by local franchises. It's advisable to check their various channels for the latest promotions.

Are there other coupon amounts available from Roto Rooter?

Yes, Roto Rooter offers various coupon amounts and discounts throughout the year. These can range from $30 off any plumbing or drain cleaning service to $50 off specific services like water heater installation or repair. It's recommended to check their website or contact your local Roto Rooter for current promotions.

Where can I find Roto Rooter plumbing coupons?

You can find Roto Rooter plumbing coupons in several places:

  • Roto Rooter website: Check their "Coupons and Deals" section
  • Local Roto Rooter franchise: Contact your local Roto Rooter for promotions specific to their area.
  • Third-party coupon websites: Several websites aggregate coupons and discounts such as Retailmenot, Find Coupon Here, including some for Roto Rooter services. Be cautious and choose reputable websites to avoid scams.

Can I use a Roto Rooter coupon code on my first order?

While some Roto Rooter promotions might be exclusive to new customers, it's not guaranteed for all offers. It's important to read the specific terms and conditions of each coupon or discount to understand its eligibility.

How do I enter a Roto Rooter coupon code?

The process for entering a Roto Rooter coupon code may vary depending on whether you're scheduling service online, over the phone, or in person.

  • Online: During the online scheduling process, look for a designated field to enter your coupon code.
  • Phone: When scheduling by phone, inform the representative about the coupon code you want to use.
  • In person: Mention the coupon code to the Roto Rooter technician upon arrival for service.

Why is my Roto Rooter coupon code not working?

There could be a few reasons why your Roto Rooter coupon code isn't working:

  • Expired code: Ensure the Roto Rooter coupon code you're using is still valid. Expired codes won't be accepted.
  • Service restrictions: The Roto Rooter coupon might only apply to specific services, so verify if it applies to your required service.
  • Incorrect entry: Double-check that you've entered the Roto Rooter code correctly, including any necessary upper and lowercase letters.

If you're unsure about the reason, contact Roto Rooter customer service for assistance.

What are some Roto Rooter promo code exclusions?

Roto Rooter promo codes often have exclusions, meaning they might not apply to specific services, parts, or labor charges. It's crucial to read the fine print of each offer to understand what's excluded.

Do Roto Rooter codes expire?

Yes, Roto Rooter coupon codes and promotions typically have expiration dates. It's essential to check the validity period before using a code to avoid disappointment.

General Information About Roto Rooter Shopping

About Roto Rooter

Founded in 1935, Roto-Rooter, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is North America's leading provider of plumbing and sewer services. Operating in over 600 locations across the U.S. and Canada, they specialize in various plumbing and drain cleaning services, including drain clearing, sewer line repair, water heater installation, and leak repair. Roto-Rooter is known for its signature "Roto-Rooter" machine, a specialized tool for clearing clogged drains and sewer lines. They are also recognized for their 24/7 emergency services, ensuring prompt assistance whenever plumbing emergencies arise. 

If you have a question regarding Roto-Rooter, please contact by mail at

Roto-Rooter Group, Inc.
255 East 5th Street
Suite 2500
Cincinnati, OH 45202

or by telephone at


Why Should You Buy At Roto Rooter?

Feature/Company Roto-Rooter Mr. Rooter Benjamin Franklin Plumbing
Prices Varies by service; competitive rates Varies by service; may offer upfront pricing Varies; often provides pricing before work begins
Service Availability 24/7 emergency services 24/7 emergency services 24/7 emergency services
Incentives Coupons and discounts available on the website Offers special promotions and discounts Punctuality promise, with discounts if late
Warranty Offers warranties on certain services and parts Customer service guarantee; specific warranties On-time guarantee; warranties on services
Returns/Refunds Refunds or additional services for dissatisfaction Works with customers for satisfactory resolution Satisfaction guarantee with corrective services

Roto Rooter Payment Methods

  • Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover
  • Debit cards
  • Cash (at the time of service, subject to technician availability)
  • Financing options: Through Synchrony Bank, offers flexible payment plans, including potential no-interest promotions.
  • Online bill pay: Through, allowing payment by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or bank account.

Roto Rooter Policy

Returns and Exchanges:

  • Services: Due to the nature of their services, Roto-Rooter generally doesn't offer returns or exchanges in the traditional sense. However, if you're unsatisfied with the completed service, they encourage contacting them directly to discuss potential solutions, including re-service or adjustments.


  • Payment method: Refunds typically follow the original payment method used.
  • Unapproved work: If you decline recommended services after a service call and diagnosis, a trip charge or minimum service fee may still apply and will not be refunded.
  • Warranty claims: If an issue arises related to the warranty on a service or installed product, Roto-Rooter will handle the situation according to the specific terms of the warranty (more details below).
  • Other situations: Refund policies for specific situations may vary based on individual circumstances. It's recommended to contact Roto-Rooter directly for clarification in such cases.

Warranty Policy:

  • Limited warranty: Roto-Rooter offers limited warranties on certain services and materials used, typically ranging from 30 days to one year, depending on the specific service or product.
  • Coverage details: The specific terms and conditions of the warranty, including covered repairs or replacements, are outlined in the warranty documentation provided at the time of service.
  • Warranty claims: To initiate a warranty claim, contact your local Roto-Rooter franchise with details of the issue and a copy of the warranty paperwork.

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