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Discover Zipcar Amazing Brand

Zipcar has changed the way people travel around the city by launching a service called car-sharing and hire service as a modern alternative to traditional car rental. Avoid the struggle in dealing with lots of fees and documents, Zipcar makes the process more smoothly just in few clicks. With Zipcar, you may browse for cars and vans in your neighborhood and rent them by the day, hour, or week, allowing you to explore your city in style while traveling quickly and affordably.

About Zipcar Discounts for Students

Download Zipcar and take advantage of student benefits while renting a car at Zipcar. Zipcar lets you drive a variety of cars on demand by the hour or the day around campuses, cities, and airports worldwide at a special rate of up to 30% OFF. Many more discounts are release weekly, monthly on each drive with Zipcar. Have no time to keep track of? Let FindCouponHere update all of the latest deals for you. Subscribe your email with us today and enjoy the most valuable discounts from Zipcar.

Zipcar Student Discounts: Eligibility

Following the law requirement for any driver in the United State, any individual goes with Zipcar must be at least 18, so do students. More strick restriction is set for students hiring a car at Zipcar. To use Zipcar student discounts, you must be at least 21 years old, however, if you go through your institution, the age minimum is lower. You must also have a clean driving record in addition to the age requirement.

You won't be ineligible if you have one speeding ticket on your record, but if you have numerous in the last few years, you will be. Zipcar will not allow you to utilize their platform if you have any significant moving infractions (reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc.). And the most important condition to score a student discount is to enroll in a university/college in the US and have an email address issued by your institution.

Zipcar Prices For Students

Interested in finding out how much Zipcar costs for students? Zipcar has partnered with a lot of schools in order to bring the best plan lowering the expenditure for their students. You will get a discount on the normal plan if you register for Zipcar through your institution. Save tons of money compared to what you’s pay for a Zipcar regularly.

Each membership registration from students will be discounted in particular. Zipcar would normally set you back $70 per year. As a student, though, you simply have to pay $15 per year. For an hourly rate, you can rent a car for as little as $8 an hour.

Zipcar Student Discounts: Free Driving

You don’t have a private car for driving and need one for your next travel, join Zipcar today and save money on your first order. New register as a student member has got an opportunity to make the first reservation for free. Free driving with $25 OFF is available for students. Hit the road and reserve wheels whenever you want.

Zipcar Student Membership With Discounts

The most effective way to save more cash is to become a member of Zipcar. By sign up for membership plans, you can access many discounts from Zipcar instantly. A variety of membership plans are released for different budgets. Value yourself for a student membership plan started at $15 per year - triple cheaper than the regular price.

As a member of the Zipcar plan, all the fees are covered including your Zipcard, your gas card, insurance, and roadside assistance. Bear in mind that this low annual fee is only applied to the student members. An hourly rate or daily rate will be the same as other Zipcar members if you don’t enroll in an annual plan. Hurry up and check it out!

Zipcar Discounts for Students: FAQs

Does Zipcar have student discounts?

There are no standard discounts at Zipcar for students because student members already have a special rate while registering for an annual plan through their institution. You can redeem for other discounts through the reward program from Zipcar or time-limited offers.

What is the difference between the regular Zipcar plans and the Zipcar student plan?

A student membership plan only focuses on a potential group - students at participating college/university. As a member of an annual plan at Zipcar, the membership fee is as low as $15 per year which is much cheaper than the regular price. Students from 18 years old can make a reservation through their university as opposed to 21 years old.

Can I share my Zipcar student benefit with my friend?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that. If your friends also want to hire a car from Zipcar at a discounted rate, they can do it by themselves as long as they are your classmate or currently studying at a college or university. You have no permission to make a reservation under your name and let your friend drive that car because each reservation is based on your personal driving record.