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A leading car-sharing network, Zipcar provides access to vehicles on demand in cities and institutions throughout the world. Getting in touch with Zipcar, there is a wide range of selections for the vehicles which can make commuting more convenient. While providing a low-cost alternative for its clients, Zipcar also wants to contribute to the reduction of the impact on the environment.

As of September 2016, approximately one million people have installed and signed up as a member in Zipcar. The company also had nearly 10000 vehicles available for rental. With the high demand for car rental, Zipcar is believed that it will witness sharp development in the next few years. If you don’t have a private car, give Zipcar a try, and don’t forget to apply the promo codes for a greater discount.

Zipcar App

In order to influence the experience positively and adapt to the demand of customers whenever they want wherever they are, Zipcar launched its online app which allows everyone to rent a car, unlock the door automatically within minutes. Besides the traditional ways to reserve a vehicle by phone or online website, Zipcar members can sign up on the company’s mobile app to do it. The reservation of the car rental can be instantly or up to a year in advance based on your need. Zipcar apps are currently supported in any version of Android or iPhone mobile. While using the app, members may identify Zipcars by blaring their horns, as well as unlock the doors.

How Zipcar Works

In hundreds of cities and on college campuses, Zipcar offers a car-sharing service that allows you to access a wide variety of vehicles. When booking a car for a trip, you can choose to pay by the hour or day. The prices include fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance. Just sign up online and you can book a car instantly. Once you book, the car location and a direction on how to get there will be given to you. Unlock the car with an app before hopping in. Check the car before you leave and report any problems so Zipcar can provide a solution for you. When you are ready to hit the road, it’s time for your trip. You should always remember to return your car to its original location. Keep your promise and come back on time with the recovery of ¼ tank of gas or higher. If not, the extra fee of $30 will be added to your bill.

About Zipcar Coupons

Owning a car will charge you a lot of money. That’s why Zipcar is created as financial aid to anyone who doesn’t have enough money to purchase a private car. To make your experience better, Zipcar runs a bunch of discounts, promo codes, and coupons that can help you save up to 50%. The discounts from Zipcar vary for events and values. Some are in percentage deals, others are cashback. To avoid missing information, keep track of the latest offers at FindCouponHere where you can access hundreds of coupons from various retailers across the US.

Zipcar Pricing

There are two options for payment while using Zipcar service including membership and daily and hourly rates. The price for membership plans will be better if you rent a car for the long term like 2+ months or a year. For a monthly plan, it will cost you 6 GBP/month. For an annual plan, you will save a bundle from just £4.99 per month.

In the case that you select for daily and hourly rates, Zipcar will estimate the basic price based on your selected car. The price is ranging from 7 GBP/hr - 64 to 9GBP/hr - 93GBP/day. This cost doesn’t include additional fees.

Type of Discount Codes Of Zipcar

Discount Zipcar for Students

Book a car near your campus for less when using the student discounts. This discount will require some conditions and essential documents. Once you access student discounts of Zipcar, you can drive in minutes at a discounted rate.

Discount Zipcar for Business

Keep your business moving with on-demand cars at the lowest cost. Zipcar provides a lot of discounts not only for individuals but also for small to medium businesses. Taking advantage of these discounts will let you cut certain expenditures for transportation.

Frequent Discounts

For membership plans, get your discount through insider pricing of Zipcar offers. When you register for the annual plan, you are able to receive 15% OFF. As a member of Zipcar, you will be given a FREE 30-day Trial. Wait no more and sign up today to have more deals from Zipcar.

Zipcar Coupons: FAQs

How can I get in touch with Zipcar?

To contact Zipcar Customer service, you can sign in your account on the Zipcar app. Some frequent questions are answered on the official website of Zipcar. You can check these questions first whether your problem is the same as others or not.

Can I cancel a reservation on Zipcar?

Of course, the cancellation time is valid within 30 minutes after your booking at Zipcar. If the time is over, you can’t cancel anymore. In the case that you still want to do it, you can contact Zipcar for more details, there might be an additional fee for the cancellation. Any cancellations made through the mobile app or online will be reflected in your account within 24 hours.